10 years of "Camp 4 U" in Premnitz

This year we celebrate the anniversary of the "Camp 4 U", the annual highlight of the project kick Brandenburg. The big event from 10. to 12.08.2012 on the Fit Point site in Premnitz provides young amateur athletes the opportunity to play and fun to measure their strength. In a team, the young people aged 14 - 22 years are participating in many different hands-on activities and in numerous competitions such as beach volleyball and street football. Try it can also be in and out of the water, climbing in a low ropes course, jumping on the trampoline, archery, betting slip, and many other sporting activities.

After the ceremony continued concerts, demonstrations of police and a dance show is planned as an interesting show. The shows and competitions will be presented on Saturday, 11.08.2012 and discharged and the decay of the camp day, there will be a small fireworks display.
The Brandenburg youth sports, the city and the police Premnitz Havelland are as active as in previous years, organizers of the Camp Jubilee. This year's event is the patron of the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports: Burkhard Jung Kamp.

Interested teams can find out no later than 08/05/2012 as a participant on our home-www.sportjugend bb.de. Participants sleep in own tents and pay for lodging and meals for a service charge of 12 per person. More information can be found out under camp@sportjugend-bb.de.