Day 14 - Christfried Mann

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"The last day with the family
Today, the last day was a family day.In the morning I was looking for a synagogue. I was welcomed in a very friendly way and also got a book in English so I cpuld understand the prayers. Many things were also also explained to me. A girl of 12 years had "Bat Mitzvah". Thats why there were plenty of tasty things to eat. In the afternoon we went along with Martha, Julianne, Hadassah, and some of the families to Sailing. It was very nice and warm. Round for the holidays it was very crowded on the beach and lots of boats were on the waterThen we were eating in the congested city. That evening was our farewell dinner at the pool. There is enough actioon space in front of the large pool. We thanked for the wonderful time with singing, kind words and gifts. It was a nice end of the 2 weeks why are now behind us. I like to think back to that wonderful time, especially on the good conversations with young people, which showed that they like to come to Germany, feel safe and be happy that the relationship between the two countries is getting stronger. "

Day 13 - Meret Kreiser

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Family Day on "Friday the 13th".
Friday was again a day foor leisure activitis. Everyone was at home with his host family and had different experiences to make.Sivan (a relative of our host family) invited me an Maria to go with her ​​in the morning to the synagogue, where the end of Passover was celebrated with special prayings. There men and women sat separated and there were many differences to a church visit in Germany. But even though it was so different - or perhaps even because of it - it was a very nice experience. Around noon we went along with Ruti, our host mother, to the Herzliya Marina, where we have the beautiful beach, but also enjoyed the mall. In the evening we were invited to dinner with the family and had a very tasty meal. Afterwards we met with the other participants at Yad Lebanim for some final preparations for our last evening with the whole team. At the end of the evening we went to Arcaffee where you can enjoy wonderful chocolate creations. "

Day 12 - Michelle Schankin


"We discover the north 

Today we met  at 7:30 in the morning on the clock Yad Libanim and went to Haifa. After an hour bus ride we arrived at the Bahai Garden. The plants had been wonderful, but the weather unfortunately not. But we survived the rainy morning. Unfortunately the guide who told us about the religion of Baha'i, shortened his lecture because of rain. Then we visited the monument to firefighters who had died in a day-long forest fire, which could be deleted only by the support of other states. The memorial is located on Mount Carmel. You can see even today where the fire had sought his way. Then we visited a small village on Mount Carmel, was used mainly the Druze leben.Die time to test yet unknown food and interact with the locals. The last stop of theDay was a visit to the beach at Apollonia, where we had to build multidimensional Israel from sand and other natural materials. Upon completion, we had to include the regions, cities known position, the water resources and the neighboring countries geographically. At 17:00 clock we were already back in Ra'anana, where we let fade away the day in a cozy family dinner. "

Day 11 - Christine Kuhröber


"Ambassador of Israel - Young Ambassadors

Our day started in Israel, 11 at 9:00 at the Yad Libanim clock. There we met the "Young Ambassadors" of Ra'anana. Matan, the organizer of the day divided us into three different groups. Together with our "Young Ambassadors" we had to be creative and give our team a name, and  also decorate the team members with painting colorflags and handicrafts. After this first task was finished,the three groups - "Blue Banana", "hippies" and "Tigers" - in order to compete against each other in different games. For example each group had to sing the chorus of the song "Shir La'Ahava" rehearse afterwards to the other groups. Then we came to the highlight of the day: "The Amazing Race." In this game, Which is similar to a ralley, each group had to go to different locations in Ra'anana, in order to Fulfill some tasks. For example: "Write a letter to the mayor of Ra'anana Mr. Hofri Listed 5 things you enjoyed most in Ra'anana ..." The aim of this game was, of course, as the first group to finish the race. The team of "Tiger" won the "Amazing Race".
A workout at the gym followed next. Although weall were hungry, we made countless sit-ups, lawn and assisted stretching exercises. After this tough workout, we had really deserved lunch. Then we had free time at the Youth Center - some of us played billards, while the other parts of our group used the free time for a nap!
In the afternoon, a group discussion followed in the three small groups. We learned more about life as a teenager in Israel and Exchanged information with the "Young Ambassadors" about the past from our families.
In the evening we all met in the "Basement" (Martev), another youth club to end the day with the "Young Ambassadors". There, the three groups should again repeat the song and the winner of the games was named. Each group received a prize! :-)

Thank you again for the great day of the "Young Ambassador" and Matan. "

Day 10 - Markus Müller

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"A day in the capital - Jerusalem

Shalom from sunny Israel to the all readers,

... after the great day in Tel Aviv, we visited today the country's capital, Jerusalem. We had to make as much as possible to be able to visit on a day to get up very early. The tiredness put many but when we visited the Mount Herzl. This is a place where a military cemetery, a garden, memorials and tombs of important statesmen are locates, like Yitzhak Rabin. The Zionist Theodor Herzl, the place is named after, also has his last resting here. After we watched a group of Israeli army in the samples for the Independance Day of Israel, we went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaustsign. I can only speak for myself, but I found the museum very impressive. Before, I thought that it would be boring, because we got indoctrinated so much about the topic in our schools that it was getting a little bit too much. However, it was very interesting, the museum was somehow different, it is very detailed and you can also taker a look at the individual stories. In addition, our friendly guide explained everything very well and gave a lot of additional information in this context also to the special architecture of the building. For me, the museum was the highlight of the day, because I'm definitely inspired to think, and I think many others will have a similar point of view. When we arrived in the city of Jerusalem, we were informed in a small city tour a bit first. Jerusalem is a very inter-esting city, where many religions live side by side, as in any other city. One can divide the city into four pieces, that the Jews, Muslims, Christians and Armenians. Due to the different cultures and religions, there are often riots here. But soldiers and police officers are always present. We visited the Western Wall, among other things, and put into paper with wishes. The Holy Sepulchre and the "Via Doloroza" We also visited. Then we had dinner in the long, narrow and winding streets and in the markets for leisure or to buy souvenirs. Then it was again time to begin the journey home. Visit to Jerusalem in one day is hard, but thanks to our guide Meir, we were able to take much interesting (not only in a material way). After we got home at 20:00 clock, we have agreed to  meet to eat a wafer by 10 clock in the evening to end the evening in a cosy way
Lots of love to all of you


Day 9 - Belinda Burtonshaw

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"Tel Aviv - has many faces

Before we got on the bus this morning, which should take us to Tel Aviv, there was a small surprise for Tina.
Because today is her birthday, we all sang ... a birthday song and a small gift.
After all had congratulated, we boarded the bus and drove off. Our first stop was the Coca Cola factory. During the tour of the visitors' area and the upbeat brief insight into the production grew, the desire for a drink of Coca Cola. After the tunnel, and the sense of a journey in Colabubbels there was also the end of the tour a sip of black sugar water, which supposedly makes the world happy.

From the Coke factory, we drove further into the old city of Jaffa. The city of Jaffa, which is a part of Tel Aviv, is one of the oldest harbors in the world. We strolled through the ancient streets and enjoyed the view of the skyline of Tel Aviv. After we sent to the bridge of the Star Signs with our wishes and views of the sea have had shot some group photos, we continued towards the bazaar. At the flea market in Jaffa, we had some free time and were able to test our bargaining skills.
Even market in the Carmel, on which it has given numerous fruit and vegetables also sweets, spices, and countless others (not edible) things, and the subsequent shopping street "Schenkin". After this extensive shopping we went on to the new port of Tel Aviv. On the boardwalk, we strolled through the colorful crowd of people towards the bus. "

Day 8 - Hadassa Mann

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"Second week is starting now

Hey dear parents,
we feel very well here in Israel.
Today we had to get up early, about 6:00 o'Clock, but it was a very relaxing day. There was a triathlon in Ra'anana for children from 7 to 16 years. For example, we served together with the Israelis for the runners water. At the end most of the water but was on our clothes, because we had a fun water fight. The clothes dried quickly, because we have perfect weather every day (not so much, only 30-35 degrees).
Then we enjoyed in the pool, the sun and eatingWe had some hot dogs. Around 15:00 clock we went to the Ra'anana Park. Here we have tested our sense organs and played Frisbee. It's nice here, but we miss you a little bit too.
After dinner we spent time with our families, we go to a cafe and have fun as always. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because then we will visit Tel Aviv. "

Day 7 - Juliane Grimmer

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"Sabbath - Family Day

Today, on the Sabbath, we had a day off with our family. My family joined the families of Tina, Mark, Marvin and Belinda to take a trip to the Safari Park in Ramat Gan. After a short ride we were welcomed at the entrance of ostriches and picked up by a minibus, which has made ​​us a little tour through the park. I was very surprised how many different animals walking around freely, for example, I had not reckoned hippos and lions. Then we could continue to walk through the zoo, where I enjoyed, as always, the monkeys best. Because Sabbath in Israel is the free day, the zoo was full of families with young children. It was a great day, but the heat made ​​us all a real problem. In the evening we met with the group from Brahmsche, who celebrated her last evening, to then continue on to the Herzliyya Max Brenner, a restaurant full of chocolate. We all had difficulties in deciding between chocolate pizza, fondue and more. Something like that I've never seen or eaten anywhere before. Easily crowded, but happy, we all went home together. "

Day 6 - Martha Goldammer

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"Passover - Seder dinner

The day began in a very relaxing way because after three days in the desert, we were finally able to sleep again, which was really necessary. We met in the morning at the pool to have fun together and enjoy the beautiful weather.
The highlight of this day of course was the Seder night. It is the beginning of the Jewish Passover and very significant. So we got ready for the evening and went to the grandparents. Uncles and aunts were also there, of course, because on the Seder night no one is alone, all people celebrate together. When we arrived I felt immediately at ease, because the family was very open and friendly. Then it was also going on already: We began with the symbolic foods. On Seder night, the table covered with dishes of symbolic meaning, so we eat bitter herbs, for example, first as a sign of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt, to read something from a family member from the Haggadah. After this procedure, there will be the right food, there are a lot of meat, a real feast. After we had eaten properly fed and then in high spirits laughing, singing, and have entertained us, the evening was over. The time passed very quickly and it was a beautiful evening and at the same time instructive. Now I am exhausted and looking forward to the day tomorrow. "

Day 5 - Tina Berger

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"We leave the desert behind us

After the last two days of desert we had no more energy because 3 days running through the desert was pretty exhausting. We were delighted that Snir morning started with the surprise that we wont go into the desert. We went to Eilat on the beach to go snorkeling there. We started after the cleanup in the kibbutz. The water temperature is 21 degrees but the sun was shining when we reached around 9:30 clock with the Brahmsche group the nature reserve near Eilat. After some initial shyness, but it is quickly more than half the group in the water and marveled at fish, corals and jellyfish. After this experience, all happy to get the bus to Ra'anana. After a long bus ride all get quite tired back again in Ra'anana. "

Day 4 - Hadassah Mann, Annnalia Krumbach, Meret and Mary Kreiser Kanthack

"Sporty through the Desert
Very early and we were sleepy Snir, one of the companions raised for the desert, and two pot lids. Compensated for us with delicious breakfast omelette and fresh. After a short ride, still farther into the desert, the next tour began through canyons, such as in a canyon. Even in the morning at 9:30 clock it was already so hot that we drink every 5 minutes and were conversant sweat. After the climb, with some climbing units, we were rewarded with a fantastic and incredible views. We were also advised by a Silence game on the special beauty of nature as it unfolds in complete silence. Then we began the descent, and came in the midday heat on the bottom, where we once swung on sports bikes and continued the journey to Eilat. The highlight of the trip was to reach a view point from which to marvel at the border to neighboring Jordan and the Red Sea were. With our coach, we went to Eilat, where we enjoyed a few hours off. Many were swimming in the Red Sea or shopping at the bazaar. Some were in a mall but previously had only a security check to be passed. Particularly striking were the many young servicemen and women that shape the urban landscape. But the heat drove us to our limits. On the way back we had the opportunity to observe flamingos. Again back in the Kibbutz we cooked our supper together and enjoyed being together and get some rest after this wonderful, but exhausting day. "

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Day 3 - Mary-Ann Elies


"The Negev desert is waiting for us

On 3 April we all met at Yad Libanim, as well as in the morning before. They looked at us clearly that we needed the sleep, but the things for our desert trip were still packed and the excitement high. After everything was stowed away, we began our journey with the group Bramscher. The seats were occupied and began the first round of the breakfast, because we provide the families with the most candy like most plentiful. Time passed in a flash. We observed the interesting landscape that was always tough. About noon we reached our first stage point. Equipped with plenty of water, was sufficient sunscreen and a protective head covering it up in the desert of Israel. Initially designed as a relaxed migration, only the warning of scorpions under stones insecure especially the female portion of the group. As it was, however, the descent, it was less pleasant. But when we had a view of the Dead Sea, had forgotten all that. This is also the last minutes of the descent went quickly and the possibility of free choice of food could be no escape from the participants. Fortified, we went down to the sea. Sludge treatments were applied or it was simply located only on the unfamiliar water. The rest of the day consisted of driving to the kibbutz, our Übernachtungsstaette for the coming days. At sunset we reached this, the joy of the 60-man tent is kept within limits. The mattresses were spread quickly and it was as clusters will be established domestically, the showers have been used with great enthusiasm and served supper in common. After the meeting the next day, we snuggled into our sleeping bags are all dead tired and anticipated with great excitement the next day. '

Day 2 - Marvin Böckmann


"90 year celebration of the city of Ra'anana

The alarm clock rings and it's still too early ... We met at Yad Libanim that we have already visited the day before. There was to Greet a really nice buffet. Most were still tired from the breakfast. Then also met the mayor and one Hoffre welcomed us warmly. It was followed by acknowledgments and the representatives of the Brandenburg youth sports over the mayor handed our presents.Danach still a nice video was shown of the wonderful city of Ra'anana. Finally, we were given a gift, a letter opener with the Ra'anana emblem, over ranges of mayor. Subsequently, we played a great game with various community groups and the target is a bridge from paper to build. That turned out not so easy. After 3 hours it was done and a toy truck could drive over the bridge. In our spare time many people have eaten the specialty Israeli falafel. Strengthened well we prepared ourselves for the big parade on the occasion of the festivities before the 90-year celebration. We were even so lucky that we, as first Group, according to the flag of Ra'anana, walked in the parade and have held up our banners. There was a lot of fun because people were so friendly easy. Anyone who has looked at by us, smiling. After the parade started quite a lot of dance groups perform. It was a very good mood. I saw then and still one of my host sisters dancing. That was a very successful conclusion. The day was very nice because we got to know each other and the group and from Bramsche closer. Above all, we got a first impression of Ra'anana and the mentality of the people. We were very impressed with their vivacity and permanently good mood. "

Day 1 - Anett Lamberty


"The youth exchange has begun.

Today, on 01.04.2012, 13 young people, two leaders and a 5-member delegation are shortly before 12:00 clock at the airport, "Ben Gurion" arrived in Tel Aviv. After an April Fool's joke that there were major problems with the bus and our trip to Eilat, our delegation has been made ​​you feel welcome.

The beautiful weather ensured for the fact that our group despite a sleepless night in good spirits and eagerly took the trip into town Ra'anana. A first impression of the city, we received over a short city tour, which led us to the municipal swimming pool for lunch. Fortified, we listened to the remarks during a walk in the park manager. Arriving at the other end of the park, we took the bus to the Yad Libanim, home to among others a memorial, a museum and a library. There we were given an overview about the historical development in order to be informed for the 90-year-old anniversary, tomorrow is sufficient.
Finally it went into the city youth club where our youth group met at the group and was replaced with a Brahmsche experiences and expectations. During the several-day trip to the south of the country two groups of young people will be combined and will spend a lot of time together.

The participants could welcome their host families at 19:00 clock.

As the first evening went to the families and what we will experience the next days will be reported by our youth participants in the next days. "