Juleica-training from SSB

18:37 29.12.2011 by Niels Haberlandt

Successful participation of our members

We are excited to continue our participation in the training of Juleica City Sports Association of some of our participants. The skills acquired here to qualify as group management among our youth exchange

Here are some impressions:

tl_files/content/Juleica SSB/Juleica4.JPG

group photo of the participants


tl_files/content/Juleica SSB/Juleica3.JPG

viking chess (yes, thats also part of the training) Lächelnd


tl_files/content/Juleica SSB/Juleica2.JPG



tl_files/content/Juleica SSB/Juleica1.jpg

"teacher" Jenny

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