The Concept – How the beginning was

The association was founded to fill a gap in the field of problems of sportive structures. Sport clubs have the purpose to advance sports, the competitive sport is often meant with it.

The attempt to use these sportive funds for additional tasks is not proceeded, only seldom at all. Here the work of the association - to develop a supplementary offer for sportive structures – begins.

Therefore, we are organizing youth exchanges, camps and international arrangements, as a supplement of international work. In the beginning, we are supported by:

·         the “Brandenburgischen Sportjugend im LSB e.V.”

·         the „Stadtsportjugend im Stadtsportbund Brandenburg e.V.“

·         the city of Brandenburg on the river Havel

While sport associations are dealing with clubs sports ostensibly, we have the task to support international communication in the sportive field. The concept for this started to maturate in the israeli city of Ra’anana, for which reason the name of our association is Ra’anana e.V..

Surely, we are open-minded to all sportive groups. Furthermore it is a pleasure for us to help other associations in international operations.